A Message from the President

Members of the DSTA,

 Last week I attended the 85th annual Market Structure Conference in Washington DC and it was a very well attended event.  In addition to representing our local chapter for board elections I was able to attend many of the panels and fireside chats that took place. There was some really interesting presentations from industry professionals, congress members and regulators. I certainly could not do justice to everything that was discussed and took place. We have uploaded the notes provided by Williams & Jensen from all 3 days of the event  and would encourage you to review at your leisure.

10 03 18 – STA Conference – Day 1

10 04 18 – STA Conference – Day 2

10 05 18 – STA Conference – Day 3

 I can’t express enough the good work that the STA continues to do from an advisory role to regulators and members of congress.  This “consultancy role” the organization provides is a positive influence on more efficient regulation of our capital markets. In addition this allows the STA to be at the forefront of resources for educating our community on important changes in market structure and throughout our industry. On that note I want to remind all of you that this is possible with your membership in the DSTA.  If you were not already aware I can tell you a portion of your dues goes to directly support the STA and the work it is doing.  So thank you for being part of those efforts. 

 I look forward to seeing all of you come the end of this week at our annual meeting. If you have not done so please register for that event.

Joe Forgie
DSTA President
Trader – Marsico Capital Management